Certified Blue Crab Meat (per lbs.)

Certified Blue Crab Meat (per lbs.)

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Please contact us so we can determine the best shipping method, packaging and timing to ensure the highest quality product and service.


*If you prefer pasteurized crab meat please let us know.

BRC Certified

100% American from the Chesapeake Bay, Virginia, USA

Blue Crab Nutrition

  • 87 Calories (85.04 grams, 3.0 oz)
  • 34% Protein
  • 2% Fat

Storage & Inspection

Boilerplate Blue Crab Meat will arrive directly from our oyster house via FedEx or UPS. Upon arrival please, inspect container for damage and immediately dunk container of crab meat in an ice water bath for no less than 30 seconds to cool the meat before placing in a refrigerator. Do not consume fresh crab meat if the container is damaged or the packaging has been opened. Always inspect crab meats for any bit of shell remaining.


Please adhere to the use by date and discard if not consumed before the stated expiration. Expected shelf may vary with the temperature of refrigeration and number of times the product is opened.  Expect 7 - 10 days from the date of picking.

Preparation & Consumption

Our fresh crab meats are a ready-to-consume meat.


Please contact us immediately if you have any question.  We'd love to hear from you.

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